Storage Gas Analyser – F-940


Measure Ethylene, CO2 and O2 gas during storage of fresh produce with the digital F-940 Gas Analyser.

Now available in South Africa, the innovative, hand-held Gas Analyser allows Managers to increase shelf-life and minimise spoilage by monitoring ripening gases during storage of fruit and vegetables.

The F-940 model is portable and sensitive – ideal for use in storage facilities / rooms / containers.


  • Ethylene mitigation verification
  • Packing house checks
  • Storage areas in distribution of fresh produce
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) quality assurance programme
  • Citrus degreening


  • Measures:
    • C2H4 (Ethylene) at 0 – 10 ppm,
    • CO2 at 0 – 100% and
    • O2 at 0 – 100%
  • Durable, hand-held unit, ideal for field use
  • Includes GPS location with reading
  • Easy to use with the intuitive digital interface
  • Quick, brightly lit, digital results in 30 seconds
  • PolarCept™ water filter for removing non-ethylene hydrocarbons
  • Built-in data logger stores thousands of data results, that can also be downloaded to a PC
  • Stores previous results on the instrument
  • Battery last for 8+ hours
  • Wi-Fi capable


One year

Product code F-940
Sampling flow rate 70 ml / min
Total sampling time 30 seconds
Data saving Automated, 1 second intervals
Display Backlit visible transflective LCD
Operating environment 0° C – 50° C (0 – 90 % humidity non-condensing)
Operating Atmospheric pressure 500 – 1200 mbar
Enclosure Powder coated aluminum
Battery life 8.5 hours
Power source Removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery
PC interface USB and WI-FI SD card + Bluetooth
Data recorded with each measurement Ethylene, CO2 and O2 concentrations, date, time, RH, GPS location
Dimensions 18 cm x 13.5 cm x 5.5 cm
Weight 0.95 kg

Delivery content:

  • Storage Gas Analyser
  • Instruction leaflet



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