Measure CO2 and O2 headspace gas in packaging quickly and reliably with the F920 Gas Analyser.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is the air (referred to as head space) surrounding food or beverages in its’ packaging. Quality Control Managers measure the O2 and CO2 in the headspace to ensure quality products.

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  • Quality assurance of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) in the food and beverage industry
  • Ambient measurements, storage and ripening rooms, or transport spaces


  • Portable, handheld device can be used anywhere, from the shelf to the packing house
  • Measure CO2 and O2 from 0 – 100%
  • Quick digital results – 6 seconds
  • Bright, back-lit display for easy view of results
  • Built-in data logger stores thousands of data results, that can also be downloaded to a PC
  • Previous records can easily be accessed on the device
  • Battery will last for 8+ hours
  • Tolerant of wide temperature and humidity range
  • Wi-Fi capable


One year

Product code F-920
Sampling flow rate 70ml / min
Total sampling time 10 seconds
Data saving Automated, 1 second intervals
Display Backlit visible transflective LCD
Operating environment 0° C – 50° C (0-100 % humidity non-condensing)
Operating Atmospheric pressure 500-1200 mbar
Enclosure Powder coated aluminum
Battery life 8.5 hours
Power source Removable rechargeable lithium-ion battery
PC interface USB and WI-FI SD card + Bluetooth
Data recorded with each measurement CO2 and O2 concentrations, date, time, RH, GPS location
Dimensions 18 cm x 13.5 cm x 5.5 cm
Weight 0.95 kg

Delivery content:

  • Headspace Gas Analyser
  • Instruction leaflet



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