Measure the degree of homogenisation.

The Globulyser was developed in cooperation with the dairy industry to reduce costs by not over-homogenising milk.

How the Globulyser works:

Measurement is based on the intensity of transmitted and scatterdd light due to the fat globules present in the milk or milk product. In the measurement cell, these values are compared with the reference values of clean water. The difference of these values is used to calculate the mean size of the fat globules.


Homogenised milk and milk products without solid particles. Possible fat % a maximum of 50%, higher fat percentages allowable with suitable dilution of sample.


  • Control of the precision of the homogenising process – operating the homogeniser is costly and savings can be made by not over-homogenising the milk.
  • Quality control is assured and there are less quality claims by customers.
  • No special skills needed for operation of the Globulyser
  • Measurement is completely controlled by the instrument: operator independent
  • Measurement span: up to 3.0 micrometers mean particle size, comparable or better than particle size analysers
  • Repeatability: between 2% and 4%, depending on the product quality
  • Robust, simple design that is easy to service
  • Integrated automatic cleaning
  • Low maintenance – all that is required is the occasional addition of cleaning fluid
  • Date, time and measuring results on printer. Globulyser2PC software to gather measurement results and instrument settings into PC (excel sheet, CSV file)


1 year
Pressure ca. 190 bar
Overpressure valve 220 bar
Pump strokes 0.4 ml
Pump speed 2-3 strokes / sec
Auto stop on presettable number of strokes = volume
Power 230/115 Volt  selectable
250 watt
Dimensions width x depth x height :  38 x 25 x 27 cm
apron:  9 cm deep
Weight approx. 11 kg

Delivery Content:

  • Globulyser machine
  • Instruction booklet
  • Optional lower pump speed for high viscosity products
  • Optional homogeniser pressure reading


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