Gas Detector Tubes


Measure the concentration of different substances in gases and vapours with Gas Detector Tubes.

Ready-to-use, thin glass tubes containing a matrix, combined with a reagant, that produces a distinct colour change when exposed to a gas sample. They are used together with a hand pump that will draw a sample into the tube.

A graduated scale is printed on the tube, so you can read the measurement directly on the tube

Over 600 types of gas can be measured.


  • Beverage and brewing industries
  • Health and safety programmes


  • Lightweight GV110 Cylinder Pump is designed for use with almost all of the Gas Detector Tubes
  • Gas Detector Tubes can readily be used in-the-field, factory or laboratory
  • Each tube encloses a particulate matrix, such as gel or silica that binds a highly stable reagent
  • A calibration scale is printed directly on the tube so that you can make a reading directly on the tube
  • Tubes are hermetically sealed at both ends
  • An extensive measuring range can be obtained by adjusting the sampling volume
  • High precision – each production batch is independently tested and calibrated
  • Conforms to regulatory standard JIS K 0804 for detector tubes

Items available:

  • GV-110 Gas Cylinder Pump – with tip breaker, pump stroke counter and flow finish indicator
  • Gas Detector Tubes – over 600 available, see brochure under DOWNLOADS tab to select the type of gas and the range you wish to measure, eg ammonia or carbon dioxide
  • Tube Tip Holder – detector tube tip breaker and storage receptacle for broken tips
  • Safety Caps for Tubes – reusable rubber caps that can be attached to the broken edges of the detector tubes as an extra precautionary safety measure
  • Smoke Tester Kit – makes the air flow in ventilation systems and ducts visible
  • Extension Sampling Hoses – 5/ 10 / 30 m for measurements in tanks and manholes
  • Extension Pole – for extended length measurements, 2.8 m
  • Hot Probe – for measuring hot gases, such as exhausts and incinerators

How to use:

  1. Break off both ends of the detector tube. Insert the tube into the rubber inlet.
  2. Pull out the handle until it is locked. Wait until the sampling time has elapsed.
  3. Wait the required sampling time and read the measurement at the end of the coloured layer.


For a list of gas substances and ranges, please see the brochure under the DOWNLOADS tab.

Delivery Content:

  • Each item needs to be ordered separately
  • You will need to order a GV-110 Sampling Pump when starting with Gas Detector tubes and then select your tests from the
    brochure under the DOWNLOADS tab
  • Most boxes contain ten tubes each, unless there is an exception symbol next to the name.

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