Fumes Neutralisation System / Scrubber


Used with the MBC Digestion System to extract the gas produced. This makes it unnecessary to use a Laminar Flow Bench.

The gas produced during the digestion is extracted by the action of a vaccuum pump. First, the gas undergoes a phase of condensation that acts as preliminary extractor for steams and dragged liquids, avoiding a warming or increase of the volume in the next washing solution.

The acid or alkaline steam is washed and neutralised in the next step. In this neutralisation phase, most of the unwanted particles are retained by means of granules of activated coal. The used air is taken directly to an extractor or outdoors.

The neutralization unit "Scrubber" is connected by a flexible tube to the digestion fume collector.


To be used in conjunction with the MBC Digestion System.


  • Vaccuum pump included
  • Saving of refrigerated water in digestion heating blocks
  • Fumes neutralisation closed system
  • Filtration and neutralisation of fumes


  • Complies with 2006/95/CE (Electric safety), 2004/108/CE (Electromagnetic Compatability) and 97/23/CE (Pressure containers)
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer
  • Calibration certificates and ENAC standards traceability are available


One year

H x W x D: 520 x 373 x 310 mm

Delivery Content:

  • Fumes Neutralization Unit


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