NEW AND INNOVATIVE! Instant, hassle-free method of measuring oil degradation by Atago®.

Now you don’t have to guess how old the frying oil you’re using is; or if it is safe to eat. The uncontrolled, continuous use of old frying oil can result in dirty, smelly and unsafe food.

When oil is used over and over again to fry food, they break down and form polymerized triglycerides (PTGs / varnish like compounds). These compounds can cause diarrhoea, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Edible Oil is strictly regulated by governments. The legal limit of PTGs in South Africa is < 16%. Oil that has higher PTGs is legally unsafe for use and needs to be replaced.

The cooking / edible oil industry in South Africa has also adopted the Steward’s Principle, a programme that requires all those in the product life cycle to share responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of products. Each manufacturer, distributor and frying establishment is required to be responsible for the quality of frying oils. Find out More

The new Atago® DOM-24 is as easy to use as a thermometer. Anyone can obtain reliable, precise digital measurements. No special expertise is required. No special reagents or chemicals are required. A great, low cost alternative to long and involved titration tests.


  • Edible oil manufacturers and buyers
  • Research bodies and educational institutions
  • Retailers and distributors of frying oil
  • Food service / industries that use frying oil
  • Health, food and safety governmental departments
  • Used oil collectors


  • Measures oil quality in the following scales: Total Polar Materials (TPM) and Acid Value (AV)
  • Hassle-free, instant digital readings of % scale and temperature
  • Precise measurements even at high temperatures – features Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for more stable and reliable measurements
  • Durable, shock-resistant – stainless steel and polycarbonate exterior
  • Sensor has a removable cap that keeps sensor hygienic
  • Low cost – no reagents or chemicals are required
  • Manufacturer compliance with HACCP, GMOP and GLP standards

How to measure:

STEP 1: press the start button to power on

STEP 2: Press the SW1 button to choose between measuring in AV or TPM scales

STEP 3: Dip the instrument into the oil. Press the start button again.

STEP 4: Measurement will be shown once stable, approx. 30 seconds

See: 6 Hot Tips to Make Frying Oil Last Longer


One year
Model No. A-9341
Measurement Range TPM: 0.5 to 40.0 %
AV: 0.0 to 9.9
TMP: 40.0 to 190°C
Resolution TPM: 0.5 %
AV: 0.1
TMP: 1°C
Accuracy TPM: ± 2.0 % (70 to 190°C)
AV: ± 0.2 (varies with user’s scale setting)
TMP: ± 1°C
Automatic Temperature Compensation Range 40 – 190°C (accuracy guaranteed from 70 to 190°C)
Power Supply AAA alkaline battery x 2
International Class Protection IP65 Dust and projected against water jets
Dimensions and Weight 22 mm diameter x 490 mm length; 400 g
  • Frying Oil Monitor
  • Batteries
  • Instruction leaflet



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