Fruit Texture Analyser / Texturometer


Analyse the texture of any kind of fruit or vegetable with the versatile Agrosta® Fruit Texture Analyser that can be used for either penetrometry or deflection measurements.

The texture of a product is a very important to the consumer – e.g. a mushy, floury apple will not be perceived as good quality. A consistent texture is a critical quality assurance parameter.

This economical Texture Analyser can be used for the measurement of any kind of fruit or vegetable.

Measurements can be viewed on your PC with the free software that is provided.


Various models are available for other food products and bigger batches.


  • Fresh produce: e.g. apples, citrus fruits, avocadoes, potatoes, onions, tomatoes
  • Bakery products and bread texture analysis 
  • Effect on firmness of food conservation in a fridge
  • Frozen foods
  • Chicken breasts hardness testing
  • Bloom test on medical resins
  • Oil viscosity testing
  • Research, eg. evaluation of egg vitelline membrane strength, evaluation of fruit firmness and fruit skin resistance

See the Fruit Texture Analyser work on YouTube


  • Can be used for penetrometry or deflection measurement system
  • Adjustable speed and stroke after contact
  • Quality Nema 23 stepper motor
  • Spring to keep the fruit on the table during measurement
  • Plexiglass laser cut pieces (Matt black) for the parts that are in contact with fruit juice for easier cleaning
  • Two tips are provided: standard 8 (0.5cm2) for penetrometry, or deflection and 11 (1cm2)
  • Free software that is compatible with Windows and can be exported to Excel
  • Software has adjustable parameters: Speed, stroke, unit, or choose pre-configured parameters


Two years

Model Agrosta® Texture Analyser
PC Connection USB cable
Power power pack (110 V to 20 V)

grams or pounds

Precision 1 gram
Resolution 1 gram
Machine load cell capacity 20 kg – limited to 17 kg maximum pressure (by software)
Stepper motor Nema 23
Software compatible with Windows

Delivery content:

  • Agrosta® Texture Analyser
  • 2 tips: standard for penetrometry or deflection 8 (0.5cm2) and 11 (1cm2)
  • 1 table
  • Software for Windows on USB stick
  • USB cable
  • Power pack (110 – 220 Volts)
  • Plug according to the country of client

Optional extras:

  • Automatic balance linked to the same software
  • Spectrophotometer TRIAD linked to the same software


Various models are available for other food products and bigger batches.


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