Fruit Firmness Tester


The Fruit Firmness Tester (also known as a Fruit Pressure Tester or Penetrometer) measures fruit firmness and provides a quick, easy and (according to university studies) accurate method to determine fruit maturity.

Firmness, or degree of crispness, is used world-wide as a test of ripeness and maturity of many fruits. The Fruit Tester can be used as a hand-held instrument or mounted for more precise measurements. The tool is perfectly fit to detect proper picking maturity and control fruit during cold storage. It measures the pressure necessary to force a plunger of specified size into the pulp of the fruit.


  • Suitable for apples, pears, avocadoes, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, etc.
  • Range: up to 13 kg / 28 pounds*
  • Dual graduations: pounds / kilograms
  • Accuracy: approx. 2 graduations through 2 500 grams
  • “Peak Firmness Hold” button automatically freezes the highest reading until the push button is released
  • Rugged construction – high impact plastic case, aluminium dial, precision steel spring, brass mechanism chassis, impact resistant plastic crystal, stainless steel plunger and accessories
  • Parts disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Spare parts included: 8 mm and 11 mm stainless steel plunger tips, protection (splash) plate, fruit peeler, manual, use recommendations and carrying case
* Model 53203 with a capacity of 5 kg and sensitivity of 20 grams is also available.

Taking Measurements

  • About 10 days before normal picking time, control pulp firmness, repeat control each 6 – 7 days for winter pome-fruits, each 2 -3 days for summer pome-fruits and stone fruits. Take samples from several plants and several spots of each plant , as this will be more representative of the whole. A suitable sample will be composed of 15 – 20 fruits.
  • Two measures need to be taken of each fruit at opposite sides. At the middle point of each side, remove ¼ to ½ inch diameter disc of peel.
  • Hold the fruit firmly in the left hand, hold the Fruit Tester between thumb and forefinger of the right hand, push the button commanded indicator hand, place the plunger against the fruit and press with increasing strength until the plunger tip has penetrated the pulp as far as the notch.
  • Slow penetration of the plunger is essential. Sharp movements and sudden pressure application may impair your measurements. In order to avoid mistakes and to assure slow penetration of the the plunger, make sure that the hand holding the fruit is firm, leaning it on the table, and keep your arm rigid.

Variants Available:

Code Fruit Range
53200 apples, pears, avocadoes, kiwi, tomatoes, etc. .. to 13 kg
53201 avocado .. to 20 kg
53203 soft fruit .. tol 5 kg
53204 research purposes .. to 0.5 kg
53207 strawberries and small fruit .. to 1 kg

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