Food pH Sensor Electrodes


Specialty XS Food Electrodes for efficient pH measurements.
Handmade in Switzerland, these electrodes are uniquely shaped for different foods, such as cheese, meat and vegetables.

All pH electrodes need to be replaced at some point, in the same way that a battery will eventually require replacement. If your measurements seem slow or inconsistent, these are indications that you require a new electrode.

Measurement of pH in the Food Industry

pH is a good indicator of quality and freshness of different foods. It is becoming more prevalent to monitor pH levels, in order to have an objective guideline, that can regularly be monitored.


  • The acidity of fruit and vegetables indicates flavour.
  • Cheese making is very dependant on pH control during the ripening process
  • The pH of meat helps determine the quality and water retention
  • pH is an important parameter to control during food product development and manufacture, for keeping quality and shelf life


The lifespan of an electrode can be prolonged through regular calibration and cleaning (please see pH Calibration & Maintenance Kit for more information.)

Features of XS Food pH Electrodes:

  • The reliable, economical XS pH food sensor electrodes are available with an S7 head or cable fix with a BNC / DIN connector plug, so they will fit all common models
  • Non-clogging / open pore reference junctions to avoid contamination by proteins and acid juices
  • XS pH sensor electrodes combine a polymer electrolyte with a high performance reference system
  • Blue inner buffer allows you to see the internal glass membrane clearly
  • Temperature sensor allows for fast temperature compensation, which is needed for accuracy in food pH measurements
  • GLP compliant with indelible serial number and certificate

Popular XS Food pH Electrodes:

  • 2 Pore Slim 32200283
    Range 0 – 14 pH, Temp 0 … +60°C, S7 connector
    Ideal for semi-solid foods, including dairy, meat, and vegetable products, where a large penetration hole is not wanted. Glass electrode and tip.

  • 2 Pore F 32200293
    Range 0 – 14 pH, Temp 0 … +60°C, S7 connector
    Similar to the above 2 Pore Slim, but with a food grade plastic body to avoid breakage (however, the tip is still glass as with all pH electrodes). Also suitable for semi-solid dairy, meat and vegetable products.

  • Zavatrode 32200403z
    Range 0 – 14 pH, Temp 0 … +60°C, S7 connector
    Cheese measurements – long shape for penetration in centre of cheese wheels

  • 2 Pore Steel T 32200313
    Range 0 – 14 pH, Temp 0 … +60°C, fixed cable / BNC with temperature sensor NTC 30 KΩ plug RCA cinch
    Strong electrode with stainless steel shaft that is easily sterilised for meat penetration

  • 2 Pore K Complete 32200303
    Range 0 – 14 pH, Temp 0 … +60°C, S7 connector, with knife
    Also designed for meat, the knife is for penetrating carcasses and prevents tip breakage on hitting bone

* These are a few of the most popular pH electrodes used for food, however there is a bigger selection available. Send us an email enquiry and we will recommend the best electrode for your specific application.



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