Fixed Microbiological Water Quality Laboratory – POTAFLEX®


A Fixed Microbiological Water Quality Laboratory has a unique Flexi-Rack System to hold a variety of media options.

Ideal for professionals testing and incubating a wide range of bacteriological parameters in the laboratory.


  • Microbiological water analysis in the laboratory


  • Flexible media options – the Flexi-Rack System supports petri dishes, Nutridiscs and dipslides
  • Convenient components – includes Membrane Filtration hardware, Coliform Starter Pack and accessories
  • Transportable and rugged – provided in a robust, lockable suitcase
Potaflex®+ Incubator
Test protocols adjustable from 20°C – 50°C with user selectable time profiles
Temperature stability ±  0.5°C
User interface LCD display with temperature and time remaining display
Weight 8 kg
Power supply Mains power (110 – 230 V AC), external 12 V DC battery connection


  • Potaflex® incubator with adjustable temperature copntrol, mains charger with international adaptors, external battery connectors
  • Flexi-Rack System
  • assembly with capacity for 40 petri dishes
  • 20 pre-pared Nutridiscs or 8 dipslides or a combination of each
  • membrane filtration assembly, bronze disc, pistol grip vacuum pump with no-kink silicone tubing
  • 5 media measuring devices (MMDs)
  • 38.1 g membrane lauryl sulphate broth
  • 5 Pasteur pipettes
  • hand lens
  • forceps
  • 40 x aluminium re-usable petri dishes
  • 200 sterilised and sealed membrane filters
  • 200 absorbent pads
  • absorbent pad dispenser
  • steel sampling cup
  • sampling cable
  • microbiological instruction manual

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