Fat Extraction System – Soxtest


Analysis of fat content via a solvent extraction system.

Determine fat content in a sample, according to the Soxhlet method by Randall, with this durable instrument.

The Randall technique extracts fats from the sample. It has three phases:

  1. Boiling – a cellulose cartridge containing the sample is immersed in the boiling solvent
  2. Rinsing – the cellulose cartridge is raised up the vessel and washed with the solvent
  3. Recuperation – after extraction, the solvent can be partially recuperated


  • Food industry
  • Detergent industry
  • Soil research
  • Soluble components in paper and textile industries
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Laboratories


  • Micro-processor controlled system with LCD screen
  • Durable stainless steel housing, painted with epoxy resin
  • Armoured heater around electric plate assures even heating
  • The temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature with a set value and save energy
  • Accurate temperature control by microprocessor and Pt100 class A probe
  • Oven temperature safety control with independent thermocouple
  • Equipped with two sets of gaskets, depending on the solvent used


  • Complies with 2006/95/CE (Electric safety), 2004/108/CE (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and 97/23/CE (Pressure containers)
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer
  • Calibration certificates and ENAC standards traceability are available


One year

Temperature range room temperature 5°C to 250°C
Solvent volume up to 50 ml
Max. sample volume 25 ml
Solvent recovery 60 – 70%
Reproducibility ± 1%
Extraction thimbles diameter ext 26 x 60 mm
Boiling time 0 – 500 hours
Rinsing time 0 – 99 hours
Extraction time 30 – 60 minutes
No. of sample places 6
Hx W x D in cm 590 x 680 x 310
Power in W 1 500
Electric protection IP65
Weight in kg 46

Delivery Content:

  • Soxtest fat extraction system
  • 18 extraction vessels + magnetic adapter
  • Box containing 25 thimbles
  • 7 thimble supports
  • Extraction vessel tong
  • 3 racks for extraction cartridges
  • 3 racks for extraction vessels
  • Aligning rack
  • Insertion handle


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