EZ Coliform Cult Test – MUG

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The EZ Coliform Cult MUG Test is used for testing water quality. A simple 24 hour Presence / Absence of Total Colifoms Test.


  • EPA Compliant
  • Uses Fluorescence Comfirmation
  • Media turns blue-green in the presence of Coliform bacteria (as illustrated above). This can be seen visually.
  • To check E.Coli growth, you will need to use a UV light or Kovacs reagent. (Note: not included, please order separately if you do not have one.) E.Coli growth is confirmed by blue fluorescence.
  • One pack contains 12 tests.
  A comparison study performed by an outside laboratory in April, 2008, concluded the ITS EZ Coliform Cult was “equally effective as the Readycult system in the simultaneous detection of Total Coliform and Escherichia-coli at the concentration of 10 CFU’s / 100 mls.” Bacterial dilutions of less than 10 CFU / 100 mls were not included in this study.

Sensitivity: The media turns blue-green in the presence of Coliform bacteria.

Total test Time: 24 hours

12 tests

NOTE: You will also require Kovacs reagent or a UV light in order to see the results.

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