EnSURE™ Luminometer


EnSURE™ is one step up from the SystemSure Plus™ luminometer – it has double the sensitivity.

The EnSURE™ instrument is a luminometer with the same features and functionality as the well known SystemSURE Plus, but the detection system has been improved to give twice the sensitivity of the SystemSURE Plus luminometer. This is especially valuable in the testing of coliforms, e.coli and sensitive allergens.

It is a quality monitoring system that uses one instrument platform to collect, analyze and report data from multiple quality indicators. Using new state-of-the-art technology and patented designs, the EnSURE system is a simple to use, flexible, and an accurate quality monitoring system for numerous industrial applications.

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  • Bacterial detection
  • Hygiene monitoring and allergen control
  • Enzyme measurement


  • One instrument platform to collect, analyze and report data from multiple quality indicators
  • Optimizes and verifies that cleaning procedures are working
  • Ensure product quality that extends product shelf life
  • Real time ATP results and same shift microbial indicator results make EnSURE a helpful troubleshooting system
  • Assists in developing and improving certain process and risk assesment programs (ie. HACCP & GMPs)
  • Protects brand and reputation
  • Cost-effective monitoring system

Key Features:

  • Multiple tests in one instrument
  • Results in 15 seconds for ATP and 7 hours or less for microbes
  • Sensitive – detects down to 0.1 femtomoles of ATP
  • 20 programmable test plans
  • 251 programmable locations per test plan
  • Sample location name identification on screen
  • Programmable user identification
  • Timestamp – records the time and date with every test
  • Stores 2000 results
  • Protected USB connection so no moisture can get into the system
  • Removable read chamber design allows for easy cleaning
  • Large viewable screen with backlight
  • Durable case is designed for use in the harshest environments and internal solid state detector is not affected by drops or shakes
  • 7 button keypad is easy for any user to navigate
  • 2 x AA battery powered = 3000+ tests

Consumable Tests available:

  • AQUASNAP – ATP Water test
  • ULTRASNAP – ATP Surface test
  • SUPERSNAP – More sensitive ATP Surface Test, X 10 better than Ultrasnap. Used mainly in Food & Beverage processing as an allergen cross-contamination prevention tool.
  • MICROSNAP – Microbial detection – Coliform / E.coli.
  • ZYMOSNAP – Used to verify pasteurisation efficiency

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NOTE: Please note that you can use the Ultrasnap and the Supersnap in EnSURE but the high sensitivity is unnecessary. You will get a higher RLU per unit of ATP and a more sensitive test result.

You may, however, want to use one luminometer for testing both ATP and bacteria (Micro-Snap), in which case the SystemSure Plus™ is a better choice.


One year


  • Width: 7.6 cm  
  • Height: 17.8 cm  
  • Depth: 3 cm
  • Weight: 9.1 oz 

Delivery Content:

  • Ensure luminometer
  • Free SureTrend software
  • Protective carrying case
  • Consumable tests need to be ordered separately


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