Distiller – Oenologic Enodest


Distillation unit to determine the volumetric alcoholic degree in liquids, also volatile acidity and sorbic acid in wines, musts, beers and spirit drinks of high graduation.


  • Beverage and brewing industries
  • Wineries


  • Distillation is by means of steam dragging
  • Features a steam generator automatically fed with distilled water
  • Electronic level control and automatic safety stop in case of the water running out
  • Automatic stop when 200 ml distillate is reached
  • Manual levelling of the distillate to 200 ml to avoid adding distilled water
  • Automatic stop of refrigerated water at the end of distillation
  • Visual display of alarm and water level in the steam generator
  • Option to manually add distillate
  • Steam regulation control, which allows the user more control, according to the alcoholic graduation
  • Safety thermostat


  • Complies with regulations CEE 2676/90 and CEE 2870/2000
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer
  • Calibration certificates and ENAC standards traceability are available


One year

Refrigeration water flow 75 litres / hour
Water consumption (steam generator) 1.6 litres / hour
Distilled water reservoir 10 litres
Approx. distillation time 7 minutes / 200 ml
H x D x L in mm 855 x 385 x 350
Power in W 2000
Weight in kg 27


Delivery Content:

  • Enodest distiller
  • 1 sample tube macro diameter 42 x 300 mm
  • 1 sample tube macro diameter 80 x 300 mm
  • 1 volumetric flask of 200 ml
  • 1 reservoir of 10 litres for water
  • Connection tubing


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