Delvotest BLF® – antibiotics in milk


NEW! Fast test for main antibiotic found in milk – betalactam.

Delvotest BLF is a revolutionary new fast test that allows you to test milk for Betalactam in just five minutes. Bectalam is the main antibiotic found in milk. This is a test for a single antibiotic, not a broad spectrum test.

Previously, a test took far longer to prove that milk is safe to use. This new testing kit minimizes the time and effort required from farmers and dairies. No laboratory equipment is needed.


  • Milk control laboratories
  • Dairies
  • Farms

Increasingly, we are seeing tightening legislation around the world with respect to antibiotic residues. By choosing Delvotest® BLF you can help ensure that your product conforms to all the latest standards, for a multi-year investment that’s lower than a single fine.

For dairies, DSM is able to provide peace of mind that safeguards against the financial and brand damage that contamination would bring.

Testing for antibiotics helps to ensure that your milk continues to conform to the highest safety and quality standards.

Shelf Life:

  • The test kits can be transported in ambient conditions but should be stored cooled between 4 and 8°C
  • Sensitive to light, humidity and air.
  • Do not damage the foil on the ampoule and do not let the tube containing the strips open
  • When used and stored properly, the shelf life of the Delvotest BLF is a least 9 months

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The Delvotest BLF is sensitive to all β-lactam antibiotics and detects positive, with a confidence of at least 95%, raw milk samples with a Penicillin G concentration of 4 ng / g.


Delivery Content:

  • Ampoules and test strips for your choice of the following pack sizes:
    • 2 tests
    • 25 tests
    • 50 tests
    • 100 tests

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