Crown Finish Gauge


Also known as a Crown Crimp Gauge or Go-No-Go Gauge, this tool is used to check the crimping of the crown after the filling operation. It is made in aluminium.


Laboratories, production and quality control departments in the beverage and brewing industry

Quality control in the packaging industry


  • Crown Finish Gauge 18 G (mm): 21.50; 25.80; 14.31; 19.75; 13.57; 19.01
  • Crown Finish Gauge 37 G (mm): 21.50; 25.80; 18.60; 25.60; 17.49; 24.49
  • Crown Finish Gauge GO-NO-GO (mm): NO-GO 28.57; GO 28.83; NO-GO 26.36; GO 27.00
  • Other sizes can also be custom made according to your specifications

Manufactured of aluminium according to sizes of your specification.

1 x Crown Finish Gauge

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