Cham-Mate – Autoclave Chamber Cleaner


Does the autoclave in your workplace have dirt or scale build-up? The Cham-Mate Chamber & Piping Cleaner will thoroughly clean the chambers, pipes and probes.

Cham-Mate will increase the efficiency of the machine and also prolong the life, just as cleaning a kettle makes it more efficient.

It is important to clean the Cham-Mate out of the autoclave thoroughly before use.


  • For use with autoclave chamber and piping system only


  • Non-toxic, non-polluting cleaning powder
  • Helps to keep autoclaves clean and free from water scale
  • Special formula for steam autoclave sterilizer
  • Cleans surface of stainless steel, copper, silicon, rubber, plastic etc
  • SO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified manufacturer

How to use:

1. Add water to the Cham-Mate, depending on your type of autoclave:

  • Autoclaves with independent steam generator / Class B vacuum functioned autoclaves

Mix Cham-Mate with water before using (1 sachet with 2 000 cc water). Pour the Cham-Mate solution into the chamber and start the working cycle.

  • Nonvocal autoclaves with automatic add water function / Class S

Pour Cham-Mate powder into the chamber directly and start working cycle

  • Autoclaves with manual add water function / Class N

Pour Cham-Mate powder into the chamber directly, pour water into the chamber and start working cycle

2. Run one sterilization cycle (without the dry function).

3. Drain remaining water from the chamber and water reservoir.

4. Open and wipe chamber and door with a wet, lint-free cloth.

5. Repeat the procedure if there are still dregs in the chamber.

How much to use:

  • 30 litre chamber size – 1 sachet Chamber-Mate
  • 30 – 100 litre chamber size – 2 sachets Chamber-Mate
  • 100 + litre chamber size – 1 additional sachet Chamber-Mate per each additional 100 lit res


Net weight: 30 ± 2 g

Box of 10 sachets


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