Basic Portable Water Quality Laboratory – POTAKIT®+


A basic portable water quality laboratory kit suitable for NGOs and small-scale rural programmes with limited funds. Popular for measuring the basic parameters of drinking water quality in the field, Potakit®+ includes a combination of visual and digital testing instruments.


  • Cost-effective drinking water testing
  • Water technicians implementing small-scale rural WASH programmes
  • Organisations performing basic in-the-field water testing
  • NGOs testing drinking water quality


  • Microbiological analysis with simple incubator that features USB connection and audible prompts
  • Physico-chemical analysis – visual testing apparatus for turbidity, ammonia, arsenic, free and total chlorine, fluoride, nitrite and nitrate; pocket meters for pH and conductivity
  • Field Case – keeps items readily accessible, robust and waterproof
  • Comprehensive but simple to use instruction manuals for all instruments
  • Includes initial consumables needed – replacements are readily available
Potakit®+ Incubator
Test protocols 37°C and 44°C temperature selections, user selectable time profiles, automatic resuscitation period profile
Temperature stability ±  0.1°C
Temperature control laser-trimmed thermistor pair with automatic temperature validation. Optional Peltier cooled version
User interface on-screen and audible prompts available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese
Data log last five incubation cycles performance report
Connectivity micro-USB connection to Windows® and android devices for data download
Size (W x L x H) 110 x 123 x 145 mm
Weight 690 g
Power supply replaceable sealed lead acid battery with mains, vehicle and external charging options
Power consumption high thermal efficiency heating system, 5 full cycles from a fully charged battery
Potakit® + Kit Specification
Microbiological capacity incubator with consumables for 200 tests for Thermotolerant/Faecal Coliforms or Total Coliforms. Optional Nutridisk capability for additional parameters including Faecal Streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella and E. coli
Physico-Chemical parameters Includes Ammonia, Arsenic, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Turbidity, pH, Conductivity. Additional parameters available.
Size (W x L x H) Single heavy duty field case 555 x 428 x 211mm
Weight 13 kg


  • incubator including petri dish racks, lead acid battery, mains charger with international adaptors, vehicle socket battery power lead and crocodile clip power leads
  • membrane filtration assembly, bronze disc, pistol grip vacuum pump with no-kink silicone tubing
  • 5 media measuring devices (MMDs)
  • 38.1 g membrane lauryl sulphate broth
  • 5 Pasteur pipettes
  • hand lens
  • forceps
  • 20 x aluminium re-usable petri dishes
  • 200 sterilised and sealed membrane filters
  • 200 absorbent pads
  • absorbent pad dispenser
  • steel sampling cup
  • sampling cable
  • 250 ml polypropylene beaker
  • quick start prompt cards
  • sterilisible integrated work surface
  • contour comparator and discs
  • 4 comparator cuvettes
  • comparator reagents for 200 tests for free and total chlorine, ammonia, fluoride, nitrite and nitrate
  • visual arsenic detection kit with consumables for 200 tests
  • double length turbidity tube
  • pocket pH sensor and pH calibration buffers
  • pocket conductivity sensor with conductivity calibration standard
  • cuvette brush
  • 2 dilution tubes
  • crush / stir rods
  • de-ion pack
  • instructions

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