Small, economical, bench-top Bacteria Incinerator.

Avoid possible cross-contamination or infections through contact and splashing.


  • Suitable for sterilization of needles, rings, grips, etc
  • Laboratories
  • Medical industry
  • Pharmaceutical and other industries


  • The organic material is introduced to an incandescent quartz tube and incinerated, thus avoiding any splashing of infectious micro-organisms
  • Sterilization is reached after 5 – 8 seconds at 850°C
  • Sterilization is achieved by means of infrared rays
  • The quartz incinerator tube has an electric element and is thermally isolated with ceramic fibre
  • Stainless steel grid provides protection
  • Sturdy epoxy resin base
  • Pilot light on-off indicator


  • Complies with applicable CE regulations
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer


One year

Feature: Specification:
Temperature max. 850°C
Power in W 100
H x W x D in mm 180 x 95 x 190
Weight in kg 1.5

Delivery Content:

Bacteria Incinerator



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