Avocado Quality Meter – F751


Innovative, brand-new technology to test the ripeness and quality of avocadoes, using near infrared analysis.

The Avocado Quality Meter sends light particles into the avocado and then measures interactance of the light with molecules in the fruit. By evaluating the dry matter, we are able to gauge the maturity of avocadoes.

How does dry matter allow us to then predict the right time to pick avocadoes?

It takes only 12 seconds to measure dry matter in the avocado and does not harm the fruit in the process, thus saving product samples, that would have been destroyed with previous technology.

Electronic measurements are as easy to take as pushing a button, the data can then be transferred to a computer for analysis and record keeping.

Fruit Maps is the free interactive harvest map application that has been created by the manufacturer in association with Central Queensland University.

See Recorded Webinar and Demo on You tube


  • Farmers and growers for managing crops and determination of harvest time
  • Quality assessment of the avocado crop
  • Post-harvest storage and timing in ripening rooms
  • Quality inspection in retail outlets


  • Lightweight and portable for in-the-field use
  • Non-destructive measurements – no wastage of fruit samples
  • Scans take 4 – 6 seconds of the sample
  • Built-in GPS for quick crop mapping
  • Consistent and objective measurements
  • WI-Fi capable
  • There is less product wastage and spoilage through the use of more accurate data predictions
  • Cost of a specific meter for avocadoes is more economical that the cost for the general F-750 Produce Quality Meter


One year

Model No. F-751 Avocado
Spectrometer Hamamatsu C11708MA
Measurement range 640 – 1050 nm
Spectral sample size 2.3 nm
Spectral resolution 20 nm (FWHM) maximum
Light source Halogen tungsten lamp with gold reflector
Lens Fused silica coated to reference NIR
Shutter White painted reference standard
Display Sunlight visible transflective LCD screen with back light
PC interface WI-Fi
Measurement Dry matter
Data recorded with each measurement Raw data, reflectance, absorbence, first derivative second derivative, GPS co-ordinates, date, time
Power source Removable 3400 milliamp hour lithium-ion battery
Battery life 500+ measurements
Body Heavy-duty coated aluminium body
Dimensions and weight 18 cm x 12 cm W x 2.54 cm thick; 1.05 kg
  • Avocado Quality Meter
  • Instruction leaflet



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