NEW, award-winning technology! Simple, low-cost test to detect organic materials associated with microbial bacteria in water.

Carbotect™ is a basic water quality test that can be used by any worker. It will provide an immediate answer to the question, "Is this water or cleaned equipment safe to use right now?"

  • No special skills, electricity or capital equipment are required to use this test. It can be performed right on the factory floor, or next to the tap, in real time
  • The big advantage of using Carbotect™ is the ability to measure problems before they filter into product
  • The relatively large 100 ml sample size provides a more accurate, representative sample than ATP swab tests allow
  • Complements traditional microbiological testing which is both costly and lengthy. Corrective action or traditional sample analysis can immediately be performed on failure of the 5-minute Carbotect test.

Developed and made in South Africa to provide a cost effective, low skill required, more pro-active approach to Quality Assurance in food, beverage, pharmaceutical or water processing factories.


  • Water quality checks
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) – Feed-water quality, dead legs in system and cleaning effectiveness tests
  • Rinse water – detects oxidizing sanitizers left after incomplete rinsing
  • Wash water – fresh produce
  • Industrial pipes and equipment – monitor the formation of biofilm, so that it can be detected and eliminated before causing further contamination downstream
  • Food and beverage facilities – integrated quality assurance checks throughout the factory system
  • Municipalities and water service providers
  • Water treatment plants
  • Indirectly monitor the system performance of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra-filtration (UF) and Nano-Filtration (NF) membrane systems for both desalination and fresh water treatment

How to Use:

  1. Collect a sample of the water you wish to test in the 100ml sample bottle that’s included.
  2. Pour in the Carbotect™ reagent powder and time 5 minutes for the resulting colour reaction.
  3. Measure the colour change against the colour chart to determine the concentration of organic contaminants.

See Carbotect™ in action on You Tube


  • The Carbotect™ test consists of a 100 ml plastic sample bottle, reagent sachet and a colour chart for semi-quantitative analysis
  • It is a simple, colour based test for the rapid detection of ultra-low levels of organic contaminants in water samples
  • By identifying the organic compounds which provide the basis for microbial growth and colonization, the Carbotect™ test offers a pro-active test to monitor contamination and biofilm formation, BEFORE the adverse consequences of future downstream microbial contamination occurs
  • The degree of colour change is measured relative to the degree of organic contamination and is compared with a simple 8-stage colour chart
  • Reliable and repeatable test for organic residue levels of less than 1 ppm
  • Refined to detect ultra-low concentrations of microbial Exopolysaccharides (EPS) associated with biofilms present in process, product and domestic water systems
  • Detect and semi-quantify the presence of Dissolved and Total Organic Compounds (DOC, TOC) in the process water of membrane filtration systems for process and domestic use. This provides a proactive management tool for timely biocidal treatment before the membranes require lengthy recovery procedures.
  • Detect and monitor effluent organic compounds in wastewater treatment plants
  • Check water quality is compliant with safety standards before discharging treated water
  • No special skills, additional equipment, or electricity are required – workers can quickly verify the safety of water or the efficacy of cleaning procedures
  • Sample and reagent can simply be disposed of down an outlet drain

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Special Awards for Carbotect™:

Well-known South African Scientist, Dr. Robin Kirkpatrick, is the inventor of this new product, which has already received three awards:

  • Da Vinci Institute & Eskom Award for Excellence in the Management of Systems
  • Entrepreneurship Award from the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP)
  • Global Finalist Award from the Institute of Chemical Engineers in the Food & Beverage and Water categories in 2017
  • Quality Innovation Award from the Finland and China Associations of Quality in the category of ‘Social and Health Care sector innovations’- 2019

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Sensitivity: CarboTect™ is reliably sensitive and repeatable for organic residue less than 1 ppm
Colour change levels:



1. < 1 ppm
2. 1 – 2 ppm
3. 2 – 5 ppm
4. 5 – 10 ppm
5. 10 – 20 ppm
6. 20 – 50 ppm
7. 50 – 200 ppm
8. > 200 ppm
  • 10 Carbotect™ colour reagent tests packed in individual sachets
  • 10 sample bottles
  • 1 x proprietary colour chart
  • 1 x operating instructions
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


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