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Not all DPD 1 Tablets are the same

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Technical Tips

Lovibond® DPD reagents from the Tintometer® Group were developed in accordance with the EN ISO 7393-2 standard and are in perfect accord with its requirements. From the early stages of selecting raw materials through extensive quality control steps and during the production process, we ensure that Lovibond reagents meet the highest requirements possible. When used in conjunction with the proven Lovibond® photometers we guarantee precise, accurate and standard measurement results.

We would like to take the opportunity to point out that using reagents from producers other than Lovibond® might result in erroneous measurement results. Results from samples may deviate significantly in the event that the composition of the reagents does not comply with the international standard. Using non-conforming reagents leads to risks for end-users and for producers of these reagents when they advertise products such as DPD1 and which do not comply with EN ISO 7393-2.

How can you tell if reagents comply with the standard? A major indicator is discolouration of the reagent. In fact, a precise answer to this question can only come from analysis in a laboratory. In any case, end users should ask their supplier to guarantee their product conforms to EN ISO 7393-2.

In conclusion, we recommend you make sure that only reagents that are in complete accordance with the standard are used or promoted.


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