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Milk Quality Testing Equipment

Milk quality testing has become essential for producers who realize that with profit margins beings so thin and consumers demanding safer products on the shelves, that they simply cannot afford lower production and or poor milk quality.

If the bulk tank somatic cell count leads to lower profits, it is time for an audit. The Lovibond Comparator 2000+ and the Disc System available from Selectech make it possible to do several milk quality assessments without having to send the samples to a lab for testing.

The Lovibond Comparator uses a colorimetric chemical analysis method in conjunction with the Lovibond standards. The method is used to assess the total presence of a specific chemical in a particular sample. It is done by analysing the colour depth which occurs in reaction to chemical additions and the specific concentration is then measured.

The testing equipment consists of calibrated colour glass filters and the colorimetric testing kit. Since the equipment is portable and has specifically been designed for operation in the field, producers benefit from the functionality and ease of use. The apparatus comes with a two year guarantee and is built to withstand hammering in the field. One of the features most loved by producers is the uncomplicated procedure required for testing. Results are almost immediate which is essential in today’s competitive dairy market.

The following tests can be done:

Phosphatase to measure pasteurisation success. Resazurin reduction to get an indication of bacterial content. Lactognost® for qualitative phosphatase assessment. Lactic acid to help with shelve-life projections. Alizarol chemical analysis for measurement of heat stability.

Visit our Agricultural, Dairy & Food page to get an overview of the milk quality testing equipment available from Selectech.


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