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Selectech is known for quality lab instruments including Refractometers. As a well-known measurement equipment supplier South Africa, we endeavour to provide only the best and most functional lab instruments to the local and international market. As can be expected from a measurement equipment supplier South Africa, we provide tools and instruments suitable for the lab conditions in the South African environment.

Two of the items you can expect to find in the Selectech catalogue are discussed below to give you an idea of the quality you can expect from us as the preferred measurement equipment supplier South Africa.

The digital refractometer is used to obtain measurements and temperature readings. The readings are digitally displayed and since the tool is light it can be carried around the lab and in the field. It is well-suited for measuring Brix and Refractive Index of film, liquids and even glass and plastic.

The high precision instrument includes a digital thermometer with an astonishing accuracy rate of ±0.2°C. The refractometer includes a scale four times the size of those utilized in traditional Atago instruments. It boasts a minimum scale division of 0.0002. The tool also includes a double control knob which allows for a high level of operator control and accurate readings. Moisture build-up is prevented through the inclusion of an onboard air dryer.

View our lab equipment page for an overview of instruments available and in-depth descriptions of the above products. Don’t compromise on quality; order your lab equipment from the leading measurement equipment supplier South Africa.


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