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Measure Alcohol Content in Beverages with a Digital Alcohol Checker Refractometer

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Food & Beverage

The new pocket Digital Alcohol Checker refractometers provide a quick and easy way of checking the alcohol content in beverages.

They are ideal to use on the production floor, as they fit in the palm of your hand and are lightweight. A digital reading is displayed in just three seconds.

How it works:

A refractometer calculates the total concentration of liquids by measuring the amount of light that is refracted in the liquid.

Distilled spirits consist primarily of alcohol and water, so the concentration of alcohol can also be measured with a refractometer.

Brewed liquids are also made up of sugar, so it is important to distill these liquids before measuring them with a refractometer. A reading of a brewed liquid without distilling will give the total amount of alcohol plus the sugar content.


Models available:

How to measure:

  • Apply 2 – 3 drops on the prism surface
  • Press the START key
  • Measurement value and prism temperature are displayed in 3 seconds.

Historical comments (6)

  • Quinn Roos


    Hi can you please give a price on digital alcohol meter and some more info

    • Janice M


      Thank you for your interest in our products. Our Sales department will send you a quote and a brochure. If you would like to follow up, please email them at sales@selectech.co.za

  • Darren


    Yes will this work while im running spirits? Will it give me the exact proof?and will the temp already be deducted?thanks

  • Estelle



    Please send me a quote for the digital alcohol meter.

    Thank you

    • Janice M


      Hi Estelle
      Thank you for your interest in our products. Our Sales department will send you a quote. If you would like to follow up, please email them at sales@selectech.co.za.
      For urgent quotes, please email or wapp us directly at 082 475 8565.

  • Janice M


    Hi Darren
    So sorry for the late reply to your comment, but we previously experienced a technical glitch and weren’t aware of your comment.
    Brewed beverages need to be distilled before measuring, as they contain sugar. Measuring them without distilling will give an innacurate measure, as the value of sugar will be added to that of alcohol.
    These electronic meters do have automatic temperature compensation for more accurate results.
    For more info, please follow this link: https://selectech.co.za/product/refractometer-pal-distilled-spirits/

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