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Lovibond® Colour Measurement launches new Spectrocolorimeter

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Colour Measurement

Have you thought of colour measurement as being very complicated and / or expensive?

Would you like to speed up decision making through the production process and reduce waste?

The New Lovibond LC100 is a simpler and more affordable solution for measuring the colour of food, powders, cosmetics and paste.

Lovibond® LC100 spectrocolorimeter

Lovibond® LC100 spectrocolorimeter

In just over a second, this handheld imaging spectrocolorimeter will give you a reading and a report telling you how close a colour is to a measured standard.

The uniquely designed SV100 stand allows you to read samples at an ergonomic angle and also to measure “awkward” substances.

The Lovibond® LC100 colorimeter enables setting and maintaining colour standards thoughout the manufacturing process. It provides a reading of the sample and a report telling how close the colour is to a measured standard. Users can create and measure against up to 20 self-programmable standards. Conformance reports are then automatically created in Excel or PDF format.

Read more about the features of the Lovibond® LC100 & SV100.

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