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Laboratory and Water Sampling Procedures:

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How to Sample with Whirl-Pak Bags

Proper sampling procedures are of vital importance for accurate test results. Each sample should be representative of the lot from which it came and arrive at the lab in same condition. There should be no change in chemical, physical or biological character. For some applications, samples may be collected in pre-sterilised plastic bags.

Whirlpak® laboratory sample bags may be used for all tests required for quality control, product content and legal compliance. They are commonly used to transport samples for microbiological testing and other applications.

Whirlpak® Bags are pre-sterilised and are made from high-quality polyethylene. They may be used for taking samples of liquids, semi-solids or solids.

Instructions for using Whirlpak® Bags

  1. Label the bag with sample information if necessary.

  2. Step 1

    Step 1

  3. Tear off the top of the bag along the perforation.

  4. Step 2

    Step 2

  5. Use pull tabs to each side to open the bag. Sometimes a little pull on the bottom of the bag helps open it completely.

  6. Step 3

    Step 3

  7. Put sample, liquid or solid, into bag. Leave enough space at the top for closing and mixing if needed.

  8. Step 4

    Step 4

  9. Pull the ends of the wire to close the bag. Holding the bag by the wire ends, whirl the bag three complete revolutions to form a leakproof seal. Whirling the bag will form the tightest seal. Larger bags can be closed by “folding” the tab over as tightly as possible.

  10. Step 5

    Step 5

  11. Bend the wire ends over onto the bag to complete the closing.

Step 6

Step 6

Different Types of Whirlpak® Bags:


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