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Is too much Chlorine in the air bad for you?

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Hygiene & Quality Control, Water & Environmental

New research is being done on the health effects of combined Chlorine in the air above treated water.

The smell of Chlorine in the air used to be a sign of a well maintained, safe swimming pool. However, the pathogens associated with unsafe water have led to general overuse of chemicals and a resulting imbalance of chemicals in water.

trichloramine in the air

This, combined with the increasing popularity of swimming and the presence of extra contaminants, has led to a widespread problem which many countries are trying to address through new legislation: toxic levels of Chlorine by-products (trichloramine) in the air above treated water.

Chlorine reacts with organic matter (leaves, dirt, suncream, lotions, saliva, urine …) to form disinfection by-products. This is a highly volatile substance, irritating for the breathing system, eyes and skin.

Diseases due to Trichloramine are newly recognised in the “Professional Asthmas and Rhinitis” category. Symptoms include burning eyes and noses, sore throats, wheezing and mild to serious breathing difficulties. Infants and young children are especially at risk.

Trichloramine should be measured by large public swimming pools, spas, industries that use Chlorine in processing water and water treatment centres, especially if they are indoor. Click here to learn more about Trichloramine measurement.

Healthy aquatic areas will be safer for people using them and encourage returning members. It will also lead to less corrosive damage to pool areas.

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