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FREE Code of Practice for the Management and Water Treatment of Swimming Pools

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The respected and independent advisory body, Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG), in the UK has published an updated booklet for commercial pool operators. It provides practical recommendations and guidelines for treatment and quality standards of public swimming pools and spas.

This book is a practical summary of their more comprehensive book “Swimming Pool Water: treatment and quality standards for pools and spas”. It also provides a specific charter to which pool operators can conform to in the interests of public health.

Chapters include:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Management
  • Water treatment
  • Pool requirements
  • Filtration
  • Pool operating procedures
  • Emergency procedures / Cryptosporidium
  • Pool hygiene and cleaning
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Microbiological testing
  • Plant room
  • Heating and air circulation
  • Application and use of chemicals
  • Water Safety Plans
  • Dye Test
  • Hair entrapment test

DOWNLOAD FREE Code of Practice from the PWTAG website.

You may also be interested in the City of Johannesburg By-Laws on “Swimming Pools and Spa-Baths” (see Chapter 12)

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