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Essential Analytical Equipment – Spectrophotometer

A spectrophotometer is an essential piece of analytical equipment found in modern laboratories. The analytical equipment is widely used for numerous scientific applications in various fields such as biochemistry and chemistry for research and testing purposes.

Spectrophotometers are indispensible to the beverage and food industry as the industry constantly has to analyse samples for quality control in the industry. The analytical equipment is used to analyse and measure the colour of various food and beverage products before they reach our supermarkets.

The colours of food and drink items are often predetermined by customers who relate the colour of certain products to their perceived quality. Consumers also want their products to be the same colour every time they purchase them. It has therefore become increasingly important for individuals involved in food science to use this analytical equipment in order to analyse and achieve these requirements.

Spectrophotometers are often favoured for testing the colour of various food stuffs or ingredients before the product has been made or afterwards for quality control, as the analytical equipment is known to be more specific than other types of laboratory equipment and is able to deliver precise results.

There are essentially two different types of spectrophotometers as the analytical equipment can either contain a double or a single beam depending on the design. A spectrophotometer with a double beam analyses two samples at the same time, usually the control sample and the sample that has to be analysed. Whereas a spectrophotometer with a single beam in the equipment can only analyse one sample at a time and requires a laboratory worker to change these samples in between testing. A beam of light in is passed through a test sample in the analytical equipment. The spectrophotometer then determines and analyses the amount of light that is absorbed and reflected by the sample in relation to the control sample.


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