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Download Free LOVIBOND® Pool App

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Download Free LOVIBOND® Pool App

Pool looking green? Swimmers getting sick? Time to get the right balance in your swimming pool / spa.

Download the Free PoolM8 App by Lovibond® to take the guesswork out of your calculations. It is the ideal App for commercial and discerning pool / spa owners.

When water is in balance, it is said to be neither corrosive nor scale-forming. In other words, it will neither dissolve an existing layer of scale nor will it deposit a layer of calcium scale. Unbalanced water can aggressively eat away at the pool’s infrastructure.

The Langelier Saturation Index (sometimes also known as the Langelier Stability Index) was developed in the 1930’s to determine a formula resulting in a single calculated number which is used to notify how much calcium is in the water. The golden result of just above “0” means the water is ‘in balance’.

The Index is very reliable, using various parameters that can have an effect on the water balance and each is given a factor to give an Index value. Those parameters are:

  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Total Dissolved Solids
  • Temperature

Each of these parameters has an effect on each other proven by a formula. The formula, however, can be complex to calculate – often leading to errors in determining the exact value.

The Lovibond® team has now solved this problem with an App – completely free to download from Appshopper.

The PoolM8 App is designed to run on Apple’s IOS operating system and is compatible with an iPhone or an iPad.


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