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How to Choose and Care for the Right Electrical Conductivity (EC) Meter

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Just as there are different types of cars for different situations, there are different meters / testers available to suit different water testing situations and budgets.

EC meters are generally available in five types:

1. Small, economical pen-type meters that are well suited to applications such as aquaculture, education and environmental testing

A Lovibond® pen-type conductivity meter with a built-in electrode

2. Higher accuracy, hand-held meters that are still portable and ideal for in-the-field or factory use

Hand-held conductivity meters can be carried around

3. Larger, bench-type meters suitable for laboratories

An XS® laboratory type conductivity meter with separate electrode arm

4. In-line meters can be placed directly into boilers or pipes in industrial situations to deliver information in real-time

An industrial Sensorex conductivity probe that fits inside process equipment

5. You can also choose between single parameter or multi parameter meters (these can also measure such parameters as pH / salt / temperature)

Multi-parameter Lovibond® conductivity meters such as this can also measure TDS / Salinity / Temp

Cleaning & Calibrating Your EC Meter:

EC Meters will require careful looking after in order to ensure constant accurate measurements:

  1. They will need to be calibrated with a Selectech Conductivity Calibration Solution.
  2. When selecting a standard, choose one that has the approximate conductivity of the solution to be measured
  3. Generally, the frequency with which they need to be calibrated is on a daily basis for heavy use and a weekly basis for less frequent use
  4. However, if the EC Meter is kept clean and rinsed well, it will only need to be calibrated every few weeks
  5. Cleaned with Selectech Electrode Cleaning Solution and rinsed well with Selectech Electrode Rinse Water after each test

* The Selectech Conductivity Calibration & Maintenance Kit is available in 3 different ranges. If you are unsure which range to select, send us an email with information about your application and we will advise you.

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