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Beer Brewing Process – Part III

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In Part I & II of the Beer Brewing Process, we discussed the first three stages of the five-stage process. These stages are used for the actual production of the beer and include malting, mashing and fermentation. The produced beer must be matured to fully develop its taste and to have the remaining yeast removed …

Beer Brewing Process – Part II

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In the previous article, the first two stages of the five-stage beer brewing process was discussed. In short, it involved germinating and crushing barley to a malt which turns starches into water soluble sugars. The malt is then mashed to a sweet liquid, called wort. These first two stages are important in determining the type …

Milk Quality Testing Equipment

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Milk quality testing has become essential for producers who realize that with profit margins beings so thin and consumers demanding safer products on the shelves, that they simply cannot afford lower production and or poor milk quality. If the bulk tank somatic cell count leads to lower profits, it is time for an audit. The …

Electrical Conductivity of Irrigation Water

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It is important to understand the meaning of TDS in order to understand irrigation water EC (electrical conductivity). TDS is Total Dissolved Solids meaning the total amount of solids in water, mainly mineral salts. TDS is measured in ppm (parts per millimetre) or in mg/l. The role of TDS in Electrical Conductivity: Since it is …

A Brief History of the Early Centrifuge

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One of the most used of all the various types of scientific laboratory equipment available today must be the centrifuge. You may think a centrifuge is not a complex piece of laboratory equipment, as it simply rotates various substances which will then be analysed, but this is unfortunately not the case. The evolution of the …

Essential Analytical Equipment – Spectrophotometer

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A spectrophotometer is an essential piece of analytical equipment found in modern laboratories. The analytical equipment is widely used for numerous scientific applications in various fields such as biochemistry and chemistry for research and testing purposes. Spectrophotometers are indispensible to the beverage and food industry as the industry constantly has to analyse samples for quality …

Beer Brewing Process – Part I

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Beer has been a popular drink across the world for many years. The beverage originated in Germany and consists of a five-stage process which can produce a large variety of different beers. The process of making beer can be thought of as a series of chemical engineering tasks that includes separation processes and biochemical reactions. …

Measurement Equipment Supplier South Africa

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Selectech is known for quality lab instruments including Refractometers. As a well-known measurement equipment supplier South Africa, we endeavour to provide only the best and most functional lab instruments to the local and international market. As can be expected from a measurement equipment supplier South Africa, we provide tools and instruments suitable for the lab …

Why is Water Testing So Important?

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Water is something we all need regardless of where we live and what our lifestyles may be. Without good water supplies people can succumb to all types of illnesses, the majority of which can take lives. This is why water testing, especially of drinking water is so important. This is also true, if you have …

The Analysis Of Wastewater

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Understanding the chemistry of wastewater through titration is necessary to identify certain types of pollutants, especially metals and heavy metals. Such chemical analysis of wastewater is done in stages. In the paragraphs below I have explained what these stages are. Titrant: EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetic acid (N-CH2-CH2N) commonly known by its short form – EDTA is the most …

Chemical Analysis of Sodium Chloride

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Sodium Chloride determination: Evaluation of salt concentration (sodium chloride) present in foodstuffs is very important mainly for the reason of preservation and taste of the food products. Total chloride in the food is usually determined and can be presented as sodium chloride content. Insignificant components of foods may also provide chloride ions but those food …

Water Treatment Plants – the Different Types

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Water Treatment Plants in Africa A water treatment plant is a facility where water is treated to make it acceptable for the end-user, or for environmentally safe discharge back into the water cycle. The most common type of wastewater treatment plant is a municipal sewage treatment plant. The number of industrial wastewater treatment plants are …


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