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Quality Assurance of Ice-creams and Sauces

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Hygiene & Quality Control

Atago visited Marunaga Confectionery, one of the biggest ice cream producers in Japan, to test the Visco in various quality control applications. The Visco is a hand-held instrument for measurement of viscosity.

Marunga Confectionery had some questions about how they could improve quality control procedures and solve some of the problems they were experiencing with ice-cream production.

1. How can they gain better control of the texture of their ice cream?

Currently, the viscosity of ice cream is only measured by the visual appearance, which is often subjective and not quantifiable.

Their aim is to have a visual, measurable standard to maintain consistent quality. This is the reason they requested testing with the Visco.

2. They need to test samples of different products

They have three different samples:

The first one is Ice Cream Mix.
To make ice cream, they mix ice cream powder, milk and some other ingredients together.
They mix them at a temperature of 80 degrees C, and then chill the mixture down to 11 degrees C. Their objectives are to measure the viscosity of the ice-cream at 80 and 11 degrees C.

The second sample is Strawberry Sauce and Mango Sauce.
They pour these sauces onto the ice cream.

The third sample is Ice cream in a Pump.
Sometimes the ice cream is stocked in a pump in the factory.
They wanted to know the exact viscosity when the pump is stopped.

3. How was the viscosity of these samples measured?

The first two samples were tested with the Visco.

For the Ice Cream Mix, the Visco was used with spindle A1, beaker L and 150 rpm.
Torque % was 69%.

For the Mango Sauce, the Visco was used with spindle A3, a paper cup, and 6 rpm.
Torque % was 88%.

4. What was the result of the tests?

The results were stable, and Marunga Confectionery were quite satisfied with the result.
They liked the fact that the Visco is portable so that they can use it everywhere, on the production lines and in the laboratories.
Visco was considered ideal for their three different demands.

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