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Accurate Colour Measurements: Top Tips from the Lovibond® Tintometer Technical department

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Colour Measurement

It is very important to prepare the colour testing instrument and the article for measurement correctly in order to attain accurate colour measurements.

When measuring Transmittance products:


  • Check the cleanliness of the instrument and the sample chamber
  • Follow the measurement method
  • Ensure the correct operation parameters are chosen
  • Use the correct path length cell
  • Use comparable cells when comparing two instruments
  • Keep the outside of the cell windows as clean as the inside of the cell
  • Baseline the instrument against the correct reference (air, deionised water, blank solution, etc)
  • Ensure the sample is not turbid and does not contain particulate matter
  • Should samples require heating, be sure they are in an identical state
  • Measure the certified standard supplied with the instrument
  • Check when the instrument was last serviced / calibrated


  • Handle cell by the windows

Taking a colour measurement of a honey sample, using a Lovibond® electronic instrument, for quality control. Colour relates to the flavour and age of honey.

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