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4 Tips for getting Accurate Measurements when testing Phosphates in Water

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Technical Tips, Water & Environmental

In order to get accurate measurements when testing phosphates, extra care needs to be taken with the preparation of cells / cuvettes.

A number of tablet reagents used for other tests, eg DPD tablets, contain phosphates. Some tap water also contains phosphates.

vario_phosphateThis makes it important to:

  1. Not use cells / cuvettes that have just been used for chlorine testing, as these phosphates can stick to the tubes, resulting in an incorrect reading
  2. Keep a set of cells especially for Phosphate testing only
  3. Rinse cells with deionised water straight after testing and allow to drip dry
  4. Occasionally rinse cells with vinegar to remove any build-up of deposits

Phosphates can be tested with a Lovibond® Comparator or Photometer.

What are Phosphates and why test Phosphates in Water?

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