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12 Seconds to Measure Avocado Ripeness

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Agriculture & Soil

The Felix Avocado Quality Meter has been upgraded to provide increased accuracy and reliability, so that avocado growers can more effectively estimate the ripeness of avocadoes through the electronic measurement of dry matter.

Upgraded Technology:

The technology behind the Avocado Quality Meter has been one of the biggest technology leaps in the scientific measurement of fruit ripeness to date. Previously, the measurement involved a laborious method of drying the fruit and destruction of the sample. Now, it can be performed on the tree in under 12 seconds, without cutting into the fruit. Near-infrared light is used in this new process.

The upgrade allows the meter to measure fruit to an accuracy of within 1.5* Dry Matter (DM) units on a single fruit and 0.83** Dry Matter units on fruit in lots of 5.


Dry Matter:

Dry Matter is the most important factor to measure in avocadoes and is used to judge the quality and maturity of the fruit.

Leonard Felix explains what dry matter is and why it is important:
" Dry matter is everything in the fruit minus the water. This includes sugars, cell wall, proteins and starch. As the fruit grows and matures it accumulates dry matter in a consistent way. If you harvest immature fruit when the dry matter is too low it will never ripen, if dry matter is barely low, even if fruit ripens, it won’t taste good. If dry matter is high, after you ripen fruit, it will be nice, oily and delicious.”


Leonard Felix explains how the Avocado Quality Meter works

More about the Avocado Quality Meter:

  • WI-Fi connection – data can be transferred to a computer or the internet for easier analysis and sharing
  • Fruit Maps App – free, interactive harvest map application by Felix Instruments and Central Queensland University


See product information and recorded webinar on the F751Avocado Quality Meter

Continual progress is being made on this new technology, as the application scientists work together with avocado growers and packers to test and optimise the range of instruments.

* Where DM units are % dry matter, calculated at 23% dry matter, 4 scans per avocado.
** Also calculated at 23% dry matter, 4 scans per avocado and average DM taken on lots of 5 avocadoes.

May 2019


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