UV% Transmission Analyser – UVT-15 Field Meter

Measure UV transmittance and absorbance in the field within minutes. The shock resistant carrying case h

Product Description

Measure UV transmittance and absorbance in the field within minutes. The shock resistant carrying case holds everything needed for measuring the transmittance of a sample.

The UVT-15 Meter is an instrument designed to quickly and accurately test the UV percent transmittance (UVT) of any water sample.The UV percent transmittance is measured by the UV light’s ability to penetrate through a water sample. The less amount of UV light that is able to transmit through the water, the lower the percent transmittance, and vice versa.

The UVT-15 has been designed to cope with the harsh conditions in the field. However, the accuracy of the UVT-15 makes it a valuable addition to any water analysis laboratory.

Measuring Organics:

The UVT-15 Meter measures the UV 254nm wavelength. This provides an indication of the amount of natural organic matter in water and wastewater. More specifically, is the best detector of aromatic organics. These have several negative effects – when combined with Chlorine, they readily form disinfection by-products (DBPs).

The UVT-15 Meter can be used as a practical alternative or supplement to measuring other more expensive and complicated test parameters such as TOC, DOC, BOD and COD.


Coagulation optimisation, DBP formulation, effluent monitoring, process control, filter performance, UV disinfection, plant safety / security.

The UVT-15’s patent pending advanced microprocessor and software technology give it a value added advantage over the competition:


  • Rugged transportable carrying case that contains everything needed to take a measurement
  • Automatic Calibration – Calibration is as simple as the push of one button and the patent pending technology maintains calibration for long periods, allowing for repeat samples without the need for re-calibrating
  • Built-in Fault Detection System – Advanced monitoring capability that notifies the user of a lamp or sensor failure, reassuring the user of the efficiency of the instrument
  • User Friendly – Digital back-lit LCD display provides users with instructions and system messages.
  • Power Suppy – 12 volt power supply allows it to be used conveniently with either a wall or car adaptor, making the real UVT more versatile for office, lab and field use
  • RS232 output – connects to a PC


1 year guarantee
Range 0 – 100% transmission
Resolution 1% transmittance
Accuracy approx. 2%
Principle single beam UV filter photometer with pushbutton 100% transmittance control adjustment
Source low pressure UV germicidal lamp
Electronics integrated circuit amplification and analogue-to-digital conversion
Wavelength accuracy 253.7 nm
Path length 10 mm
Response time full scale deflection in less than two seconds
Sample cell 10 mm x 10 mm quartz
Operating temperature 0 – 50°C
Power supply Wall adapter: 120 VAC 60 Hz 12 W UL & CSA approved

220 VAC 50 Hz 19 VA/CE approved

Display 3.5 inch digit LCD display
Dimensions 11″ L x 7 ” W x 13.5 ” H
Shipping Dimensions 11.5″ L x 11″W x 13.5″H
Weight 1.8 kg
Shipping Weight 2.7 kg

Delivery Content

  • UVT-15 machine
  • operating instruction decal
  • quartz cuvette
  • plug-in power supply
  • shock-proof carry case

Additional Information

Weight 2.70 kg