Thermometer – Infrared Digital

Thermometer – Infrared Digital


Intelligent non-contact infra-red thermometer.

Product Description

Intelligent non-contact infra-red thermometer. With the eSmart function, you can measure the target temperature without knowing and checking the emissivity of the material (properties of the surface). A flashing red light also alerts you when the temperature is over the set point of the alarm.


Measure surface temperature, eg the temperature of an item in the fridge or in a furnace


  • Range: -32 degrees C to +535 degrees C
  • Accuracy: approx. 2% rdg. or approx. 2 degrees C
  • Laser sighting
  • High and low alarms
  • Type K thermocouple input
  • E-smart: with the cross reference of Thermocouple K and Infrared measurement, built-in software can self-detect the emissivity of an object
  • Display back light flashes red when in alarm


One year guarantee


Temperature range

-32 ∼535°C

Distance / Spot ratio 12:1
Accuracy approx. 3°C from -32 ∼-20 °C
approx. 2°C from -20 ∼100 °C
approx. 2% above 100 °C
Thermopile 5∼14 micrometers
Repeatability approx. 1°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Response time 500 milliseconds
Operation Temperature 0 – 50°C , 10 ∼90% RH
Auto power off automatically, after approx. 6 sec
Emissivity Adj. 0.1∼ 1.0


Delivery Content

  • Thermometer
  • batteries
  • carry case

Additional Information

Weight 0.25 kg