SAM-1™ Smart Aqua Meter

The SAM-1™ Meter transforms your smart phone or tablet into a powerful instrument for water quality measurement.

Product Description

NEW INNOVATION! The SAM-1™ Meter transforms your smart phone or tablet into a powerful instrument for water quality measurement.
  1. Download the free SAM-1™ App for Apple or Android devices
  2. Connect the SAM-1™ Meter and Smart Sensor (pH, ORP, conductivity / temperature sensors available) into the audio jack of your smart phone or tablet
  3. The sensor type and calibration data is auto-recognised.
  4. Measure samples in the lab, field or plant.
  5. Quickly and easily record reading details such as time, date and GPS co-ordinates with location names and comments.
  6. Share your readings instantly via email or export to spreadsheets.

Smart Sensors (available as a separate purchase):

  • pH Sensor
  • Spear Tip pH Sensor – measure semi-solids such as meat and cheese
  • ORP (Redox) Sensor
  • pH / Reference / Temperature Sensor
  • Conductivity / Temperature Sensor


  • Environmental monitoring
  • Product quality control
  • Aquaculture / horticulture / hydroponics
  • Municipal / wastewater measurements
  • Educational – great for teaching the chemistry of acid / alkali and electro-chemistry. Students can install the app on their own devices and share a single sensor for experiments
  • Swimming pools / spas


  • Precise and accurate measurements
  • Smart sensors are easy to use and store calibration data for quick interchange ability
  • Works with 1, 2, 3 or more calibration points
  • Additional sensor types will be supported in the future with seamless software updates
  • pH electrodes (excluding the spear tip) have a recessed protected design that ensures the pH glass bulb does not break easily
  • Works with location aware devices to log the coordinates where readings were taken and time stamps, for analysis and auditing purposes
  • Sends readings by email (individual or .csv file)
NOTE: Smart phones and tablets NOT included. It is very important to buy a “pH Maintenance and Calibration Kit” when buying a pH meter. ORP and Conductivity Maintenance and calibration Kits are also available. This will extend the life of your electrode and help to ensure accurate and reliable results.


  • Apple phone, tablet or pod using iOS 5.0 or higher
  • Android device requires:
    • Google android 2.3 or higher (honeycomb or modified versions of Android are not supported)
    • A 3.5 mm headset jack with microphone (audio jack supporters are not included)
    • Normal or large screen size (small screen sizes are not supported)
    • Location services if GPS recording is desired
    • Access to Google Play
pH range 0 – 14 pH
ORP mV range -1250 – 1250 mV
Conductivity range 0 – 5000 μS / cm or ppm TDS
Solution temp range 0 – 100°C
Temp sensor 30 K NTC
Data export .csv file
Power supply internal rechargeable battery
Regulatory approvals CE, FCC, ROHS

Delivery Content

  • instrument
  • cable
  • your choice of electrodes, as per separate purchase
  • instruction leaflet
  • web address of free app that needs to be downloaded