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pH Pocket Testers

Accurate, handy and user-friendly, the pH Testrs by Eutech are one of the longest lasting on the mark

Product Description

Accurate, handy and user-friendly, the pH Testrs by Eutech are one of the longest lasting on the market.


Pools, spas, aquariums, hydroponics, food processing, process / waste water testing, photo development, printing and chemical industries, laboratories, educational institutions.


  • Waterproof, dustproof housing to IP67 standards. Plus it floats!!
  • Push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition.
  • Self-diagnostic for easy trouble shooting, eg battery indicator
  • Top battery cover – easy to remove and attach lanyard
  • Uses common cell batteries – up to 500 hours with one set
  • Auto power off – saves battery after non-use
  • Easy twist-off user replaceable sensor
  • pH Testr 30 has Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), which makes it more accurate

Options (Which one should I choose?):

  • EcoTestr pH1 is the most basic and economical Tester and has a non-replaceable sensor.
  • Double junction sensors can be replaced and offer longer lasting usage (pH Testr 10, pH Testr 30).
  • pH Testr 10 has a resolution of 0.1ph and pH Testr 30 has a resolution of 0.01 pH. The pH Testr 30 includes a temperature display.
  • pHTestr 10BNC has a BNC Connector that allows the tester to be used with a BNC electrode connection. This tester can be used with a wide range of specialty electrodes and various cable lengths – especially useful in inaccessible areas such as cooling towers or large drums used in yoghurt production.
  • The pH Spear is especially designed for food applications and allows direct pH measurement of solid or semi-solid samples like cheese, fruits, meat, bread, ice-cream or soil.
  • Multi-parameter pocket testers allow you to test for additional parameters, such as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Conductivity, Salinity (PT Testr 35, PC Testr 35, PCS Testr 35).


2 years on Testers and 6 months on Electrodes

NOTE: Please state in your quote request which pH Tester you are interested in and / or what the use of the Tester will be, so that we can quote you appropriately.

You may be interested in reading “Which pH Pocket Tester should I Choose?”

For further information on the care of your electrode, please read pH electrodes

We also recommend that you purchase a “pH Maintenance and Calibration Kit” when buying a pH meter. This will extend the life of your electrode and help to ensure accurate and reliable results.


Models Parameters pH Range Meter Highlights Accuracy Calibration Points pH Buffer Sets Temperature Display
pH Spear pH/°C/°F -1.00 to 15.00 pH open pore, spear pH sensor for solids approx. 0.01 pH 3 USA, NIST Yes

Plastic case, Meter with Batteries, Instructions

Note: We recommend that you also purchase the pH Buffer Kit – this is required for accurate and reproducible results. The procedure is explained in the leaflet.

DO ALSO store the electrode in Electrode Storage Solution for a longer life span and more accurate results.

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