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East Africa’s Farmers get Water Smart

Written by Janice M on . Posted in Agriculture & Soil

New book provides practical advice for farmers to make the most of their farm in climate and water uncertain times. Farmer Tom Acuma is a water smart pioneer. On his 24 hectare plot in Uganda’s Otuke district he harvests runoff water into a pond that he can then use for supplementary irrigation. He also incorporates …

Soil Sampling with the SAM-1™ Smart Spear tip pH Sensor

Written by Janice on . Posted in Agriculture & Soil

The S175CD/SAM Spear Tip electrodeis great for the pH soil application. The sensor’s epoxy body is robust and virtually unbreakable. With its spear shaped tip, it has the ability to penetrate through semi-solid objects such as meat, sausage, cheese, and soil. The electrode is also built with a double junction reference which will ensure protection …

Use of Chlorine on the Farm

Written by Janice on . Posted in Agriculture & Soil, Hygiene & Quality Control

Chlorine’s first role in food safety and water disinfection is on the farm. Chlorinated water lowers the transmission of disease-causing pathogens to crops and farm animals. It also prevents the formation of bacterial slime on implements and watering equipment.     To gain background knowledge on the general properties and usage of chlorine, it is …

Soil Testing – Measurement of Soil pH

Written by Janice on . Posted in Agriculture & Soil

All plants have different pH preferences. The pH level of the soil directly affects soil life and the availability of essential soil nutrients for plant growth. Whether you’re planting for commercial or recreational reasons, knowing the pH of your soil can help you choose the right mix of plants and allow the right treatment of …

Soil Testing – Measurement of Soil Moisture

Written by Janice on . Posted in Agriculture & Soil

Management of water in agriculture is becoming more sophisticated. Colin Chartres, the Director General of the International Water Management Institute, says that water use in agriculture can be reduced. He told SciDev.Net: “Often there is a combination of factors causing poor crop yields. It may be lack of fertilisers, poor husbandry or agronomy, too much …


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